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Our Meats

Incredible Meats

We feature a selection of meats cured in-house and smoked to perfection. These beef, pork, chicken, ham, salami, and turkey options include:

SalamiItalian Beef Simmering
Capicola Rapido (Paprika and Black Pepper Encrusted Ham)
Cotechino Salami (Beef and Pork Salami That is Smoked)
Rosemary Turkey Breast (Rosemary and Lemon Brine, Also Smoked)
Italian Beef (Simmered in Beef Stock with Variant Vegetables, Thinly Sliced and Served Hot Coated in Rosemary Demi-Glace)
Tuscan Chicken (Rosemary, Honey, and Balsamic Marinated Chicken Breast, Providing a Sweet and Tangy Taste)
Mike's Burger (Fresh Ground Hamburgers From a Single Cut of Meat)
Italian Sausage (Ground in house with basil, garlic, paprika and fennel seed)
Giardiniera (A Slightly Spicy Italian Mix of Vegetables That is Pickled, a Little Sour, and a Little Spicy)
Arranged Meatballs Cooking Meat