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Our Menu

The Mouth-Watering Amici in Movimento, LLC Menu

Discover the unique and savory food options at Amici in Movimento, LLC! The following menu is available at our food truck and as part of our catering services. We also have vegetarian options. Drop by the food truck and taste our amazing offerings, or call to ask about our catering services.


Fritto Misto (Calamri)
fried with slivers of red onion and fennel, served with basil aioli, marinara, and Alfredo dipping sauces — $9
Gamberi Arrabbiati (Angry Shrimp 3)
Spicy garlic shrimp topped with basil aioli and marinated tomatoes — $3
Dita di formaggio (Cheese Sticks)
Hand breaded sticks of mozzarella cheese deep fried and served with warm marinara — $6
Crostinini al Formaggio (Grilled Cheese Bread)
Grilled Ciabatta, seared provolone cheese, Romano herb dust, with a side of house marinara - $4
Patrizio’s Fritte (Loaded Fries)
Italian fries covered in giardiniera, bacon and melted Provolone with basil aioli — $4

Soup & Salad

Insalata (Side Salad)
Mixed greens tossed with marinated tomatoes and red onion, dressed with red wine vinegar and oil — $3
Insalata di Giardiniera (Giardiniera Side Salad)
Mixed greens tossed with house Giardiniera and marinated tomatoes, dressed with red wine vinegar and oil — $4
Zuppa (Soup)
Soup is seasonal; Chef is temperamental ask for details — Cup $3, Bowl $6


All sandwiches served on our fresh Ciabatta with Provolone, arugula, sliced tomatoes and basil aioli

Manzo Caldo (Italian Beef)
Thin sliced beef tossed in hot rosemary demi and topped with giardiniera — $12
Pollo Toscano (Tuscan Chicken)
Smoked chicken breast, artichokes, red bell peppers and red onion — $11
Affettati Misti (Cold Cut)
Cotechino salami, capicola rapido and smoked turkey, red onion and olive tapenade — $9
Verdura Calda (Veggie)
Seared crimini mushroom, artichokes, red bell pepper and giardiniera — $9
Michael's (Cheese Burger)
House ground beef burger with bacon, crimini mushroom and red onion — $10
Camionista (Italian sausage)
Our signature Italian sausage with house brown mustard — $7
Povero Ragazzo (Italian Po boy)
Our signature Italian sausage with three angry shrimp and giardiniera — $11

Entree Salad Option

Any of our sandwich toppings can also be served on a bed of dressed greens for the same price.
Consuming raw or under cooked food items can increase the risk of food born illness




All pastas are garnished with Romano herb dust

Bolognese (Classic Meat sauce)
Fresh ground beef and crimini mushrooms in our zesty tomato sauce over spaghetti — $10
Pollo Toscano Alfredo (Tuscan Chicken Alfredo)
Smoked chicken breast, seared artichokes, and roasted red bell pepper in our rich Alfredo sauce over Fettuccine — $11
Maiale Speziato (Sausage & Peppers)
Our signature Italian sausage, seared pepper and onions in our zesty red sauce over spaghetti — $10
Pollo Alfredo (Chicken Alfredo)
Smoked chicken breast in our rich Alfredo sauce over Fettuccine — $9
Pasta Verdura (Veggie)
Crimini mushrooms, artichokes, and giardiniera in our zesty vegan red sauce over spaghetti — $9
Fungo Suina Alfredo (Ham & Mushroom Alfredo)
Diced capicola rapido seared with crimini mushrooms in our rich Alfredo sauce over Fettuccine — $11
Gamberi Diavolo (Angry Shrimp)
Six angry shrimp and marinated tomatoes served in our zesty red sauce over spaghetti — $13
Dentice Livornese (snapper livornese)
Grilled fillet of snapper, with a livornese relish over spaghetti — $15


Iced Tea, Coffee, Decaf Coke, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Barq's Root beer, Sprite — $2
(Add our flavors to you tea or coke produce for $1 per glass)

Italian Soda's — $3
Cream Soda's — $3.50

Your choice of flavors:
Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Grape


Porchetta (Grilled Pork Belly)
served with mashed potatoes, diced tomato, seasonal vegetables and Rosemary demi glace. — $18
Bastecca Delmonico (Grilled Ribeye)
served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegatables; finished with Rosemary demi glace and herbed steak butter. — $35
Uccelli Acquatici (Grilled duck breast)
Red wine and orange glazed duck breast with risotto, mushrooms, and seasonal vegetables. — $25

Extras & Add-ons

Crostinini (toasted bread)
A loaf of our Ciabatta split and toasted — $2
Palatine Fritte (Italian Fries)
Fresh-cut house fries tossed with Romano cheese, herbs, salt and pepper — $2

*Add Ons*

Mob Boss (seared onions and peppers) $2,
Mushrooms $2. Artichokes $2,
Giardiniera $1, Provolone cheese $1,
Bacon $1, Tapenade $1, Basil Aioli $1,
Brown Mustard $1, Pickled Jalapeños $1,
Roasted Red Bell Peppers $1, Fried egg $1

Pasta Dish Other Pasta

Ask Us: We can accommodate almost any dietary restriction